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Law Library Management, Incorporated brings more than 30 years of experience into the research aspect of the business. Having knowledge of print and online materials not only at client offices, but knowing where to locate any type of material, allows us to be able to provide high quality research assistance to clients.

We work with the current contracts of our client’s firms and have extensive knowledge of electronic resource as well as print. We regularly meet with online vendors to ensure that we are aware of and conversant with new enhancements and are able to educate our client’s end users.

ResearchWe tailor all research requests based on the client’s needs, and are always mindful of cost and time constraints. Our research team frequently works with marketing and business development projects that the firm might need when pursuing new clients.

Our research team is comprised of seasoned professionals, conversant with such disparate areas of law such as corporate, litigation, IP, Real Estate, labor/employment, insurance, and international law. Be it case law, public records news and business information, if you need it, we can get it for you, at a reasonable cost.