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A statement about outsourcing

Outsourcing can take many forms and is often turned to as a way to streamline, tailor and lower the costs of operating a law library. Outsourcing can offer a more flexible service model that is designed to be more cost effective and relevant to the entity it is serving. Outsourcing is the only way to access the wide range of library services on an as-need or project by project basis.


We typically begin by analyzing the firm's resources, areas of practice, use of resources and current service model to prepare and submit a proposal for our recommendations to reach the firm's goals for a new service model. A proposal would include precise scheduling suggestions as well as fees for staffing and library software. Our company would be solely responsible for maintaining our service model, so if someone is absent, we would be responsible for covering that person's duties. It takes the management responsibilities for the library off the shoulders of the firm's H.R. department.


We provide staffing for firms with library personnel to supplement skills and services the firm's personnel cannot or don't have time to perform. Our staff is supervised by the firm's personnel and works within the protocol and guidelines set forth by the firm. We are in touch with firm personnel regularly to ensure quality support.


We have developed alternative service models for law firms wanting to outsource their libraries since 1982. The main reason for the success of an outsourcing model is that it has saved firms money without sacrificing quality of service. Since most of our clients have outsourced their libraries to us for many years, over time, the flexibility in service models has enabled our clients to expand and contract as our economy has dictated. This seamless expansion or contraction in service has been of great benefit in terms of consistency in personnel and targeted and informed reduction in costs.