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Law Library Management, Incorporated draws on over 40 years of experience managing all aspects of law library operations. Typical consulting projects include the following categories:

Library Audit

Over time, a complete audit of the law library is an exercise that benefits the firm immensely. As sources of legal information change in format, price and availability coupled with changes within a firm's practice, keeping a library relevant and efficient is important to the overall success of the firm. Even when a firm has a full time library staff, the time required to set aside to conduct an effective audit may not be realistically available to the staff responsible for the day-to-day operation of the library.

Reorganizations and Moves

Law firms are reorganizing their libraries in terms of space and content. Print formats are being discarded in favor of digital formats and access is replacing shelf space. With more than forty library moves and reorganizations behind us, we are expert at accomplishing these projects both efficiently and timely. We have worked with architects, movers, library partners and administrators to successfully rebalance or move their firm's libraries.

Contract Negotiation

LexisNexis and Westlaw contracts are the primary sources of legal information for most law firms. Ensuring the best contract for your firm requires an experienced analysis of how to best combine print and electronic resources. Knowing how to negotiate the best contract for the firm can save tremendous costs in searching, costs that more and more are not being passed on to the firms' clients.

Collection Development

Managing a law library or information center requires experience in how to design a library from scratch. Space planning and knowledge of relevant resources to the firm's practice is required for a successful new library to be developed. We have designed and developed more than 50 libraries over the past 30 years.