Law firm libraries of all sizes need systems to manage the flow of information to and from the library to the firm's attorneys. Law Library Management, Incorporated has worked with all the most commonly used library software applications as well as in-house systems developed by law firm personnel. Utilizing our in-depth understanding of how most firms best use their library resources, we are expert at installing systems that best fit the firm's needs. In this area, one size does not fit all firms, and there are many ways to automate law firm libraries.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

An emerging trend in business software is cloud computing, or Software as a Service. This concept allows users to login to their operating software which is hosted by a software company rather than the firm's server. Software as a service enables firms to subscribe to software rather than purchase it as well as alleviates the firm from the IT responsibility of keeping the software running. In addition, software as a service cuts costs and provides easy customization and a responsive IT network. Software as a service also combines technology with services to provide customers with more than just technology. Our company has addressed this emerging trend by subscribing to Intuit's QuickBase to create systems to run law firm libraries efficiently. Not only do we customize library systems with QuickBase, we have also developed a system for attorneys to request research support via web form that is responsive and efficient, while seamlessly managing on demand research deadlines.