• 100 attorney firm outsources their head librarian, research librarian and custom library management software. Oversight of firm's library personnel and supplemental staff is provided by our company to seamlessly manage the library.
  • 115 attorney multiple office firm totally outsources head librarian, assistant librarian, technical services and custom library software.


  • On-demand research including LexisNexis and Westlaw expertise as well as free web sources and fee based electronic sources of legal information is provided remotely via web form replacing full time position due to downsizing.
  • 200 attorney firm wishes to maximize online resources by utilizing our company to analyze and develop research training strategies and approach particular to the firm's practice.


  • Major corporate legal department rebalances the library by reducing print subscriptions, discarding reporters and maintaining online resources.
  • Major law firm wishes to audit the entire library operation with respect to resources, staffing and library automation.


  • Major corporate legal department needs custom software to track litigation matters from Service of Process to settlement and storage across incompatible systems.
  • Custom password tracker developed to track every attorneys' passwords for all electronic services.
  • WIKI developed for NYC hedge fund library staff to share information and collaborate on supporting services.